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Our family-owned business, Sather Concrete Products, has been serving Minnesota's concrete septic tank needs since 1972! Fast delivery services are available for different tank sizes, including custom tank sizes that are available based on your specific needs!

All your septic tank needs, all in one place

Find the other appealing concrete products for a range of tasks

  • Tank delivery and placement in pre-dug holes

  • Custom septic tank sizes available based on your needs

  • Different septic tank models with varying features available

  • Wide range of models as well as filters, pumps, and other concrete products

  • Pump and gravity feed solutions available, based on your needs

  • Available delivery services, including FREE delivery within 60 miles

Sather Concrete Products also has a range of miscellaneous concrete products that you can use for work or play, including boat ramps, curbs, and other great products!


Learn more about top-tier delivery services from Sather Concrete Products, or contact our team for details on our concrete septic tanks and other products!

Update your system with a concrete septic tank

All concrete septic tanks from Sather Concrete Products are created in the Midwest using the highest standards of production!

FREE septic tank delivery within 60 miles - call now!

More about Sather Concrete Products' septic tanks and their specifications

Learn everything you need to know to make an informed, comfortable buying decision regarding a new concrete septic tank from Sather Concrete Products! Our septic tanks are MPCA approved, and custom options are available! Browse details on tank prices, sizes, and consumption rates below:

Tank Dimensions and GPI 2017 Pricing Sheet SCP Models Sheet